About the Program

    The creation of a Postgraduate Program in the Teaching area has added a series of actions in the scope of Teaching, Research and Extension that have been developed by the professors since the establishment of the licentiate courses at UFSCar Araras.

    With regard to Teaching, the performance in Licentiate courses in Biological Sciences, Physics, and Chemistry has shown a growing demand for postgraduate courses in areas related to teacher training and Science and Mathematics Teaching. In addition to meeting the expectations of undergraduates to remain in the institution and deepen their studies in the area of ​​training after completing the Licentiate courses, the postgraduate course in the area of ​​Education aims to expand the possibilities of building knowledge about the initial and continuing education of teachers and about the products and processes of Science and Mathematics Education that can support actions in Basic and Higher Education.

    The groups, research lines and projects of the professors involved with the idealization of the proposal to create the PPGEdCM were included in the research lines as can be seen in the description of the research groups and academic productions.

    A considerable part of the programs, projects, and extension activities coordinated by the teachers are related to Basic Education, including meeting teachers and students of this level of education and establishing partnerships with public schools, such as the activities developed within the scope of the Institutional Scholarship Program for Teaching Initiation (PIBID) and the Popular Pre-University Course (UFSCurso Araras).