The freshman student must take 35 (thirty-five) credits in subjects, with at least one subject from each of the specific and diversified nuclei.

    Mandatory Subjects - Common Core

    • Philosophy and Epistemology of Science
    • Introduction to Research in Science and Mathematics Teaching
    • Guidance Seminars in Science and Mathematics Teaching
    • Pedagogical Theories

    Elective Subjects - Diversified Core

    • Computational Activities for Science Teaching
    • Public Understanding and Participation in Socio-Scientific Issues in Science Teaching
    • School Culture: Interactions and Interferences in Science Teaching
    • Science Didactics
    • Preparation of Dissertation I
    • Preparation of Dissertation II
    • Supervised Teacher Training Internship
    • Teachers Training for Basic Education
    • Identities, Differences, and Inclusion in Science Teaching
    • Paulo Freire and Teaching Science and Mathematics
    • Science Teachers: Identities and Knowledge
    • Technology in Teaching Natural Sciences and Mathematics

    Elective Subjects - Specific Core

    • The Characteristics of Chemical Knowledge and Its Teaching
    • Teaching and Learning of Mathematics
    • Evolution of Physics and Its Impacts on Society
    • Introduction to Botany
    • Research Topics in Teaching Modern and Contemporary Physics
    • Principles of Phylogenetic Systematics