Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Tathiane Milaré
    Vice-coordinator: Prof. Dr. Nataly Carvalho Lopes
    Secretary: Mônica Cristina Risso de Brito

    Postgraduate Council (CPG)

    In addition to the coordinator and vice-coordinator, the CPG is composed of teaching representatives from the two research lines of the program, and student representatives, who are currently:

    Research line 1: Prof. Dr. Renata Sebastiani (titular) e Prof. Dr. João Teles de Carvalho Neto (substitute)
    Research line 2: Prof. Dr. Daniele Lozano (titular) e Prof. Dr. Paulo Cézar de Faria (substitute)
    Students: Karina Paes Delgado (titular) e João Ricardo Jortieke Júnior (substitute)

    CPG meetings take place periodically and it is from them that decisions regarding activities and processes related to PPGEdCM are taken.